Opus Team is proud to announce that our platform has now become home for more than 750 artists representing all kinds of genres of music and stemming from all corners of the world. This would have not be possible without you — thus we would like to sincerely thank you all. We are more than delighted to host you and are enchanted that more and more artists join our journey towards a more fair and transparent music industry of tomorrow. Our IT team constantly works on system improvements to guarantee the best possible experience both for our artists and our…

By interviewing our artists we would like to get to know their stories. Today we interview Melodramat.

OPUS: Could you introduce us to the band members?

Meledramat: Melodramat is a project formed by Julie, Max, and Maciek — all of us being just in our early twenties. Julie sings, plays drums, bass, and guitar, while managing to study Songwriting & Music Business at BIMM. She currently moves back and forth between Warsaw and Brighton. Max was having fun with DAWs since he was just 10 years old, and then naturally he got himself into beat-making and production, he also used…

Now that Opus stream has successfully launched on the main-net with a respectable collection of musicians signed up, a common suggestion we have been receiving is that the Opus platform needs to be more user friendly — even for the less tech-savvy. The development team agrees. In order to take on giants the likes of Spotify, Soundcloud and Deezer, the Opus onboarding UX must be as easy for the everyday user as possible. Only by doing so, and remaining true to our core goals, can we bring transparency and equity to the music industry.

To this end, our engineering team…

The Opus Team is more than delighted to announce that we have crossed another boundary — more than 500 artists already joined our platform! We are extremely happy that all of them will share the journey towards a more fair music industry. We are proud we have come thus far — but there is still a lot to achieve!

We will do our best to keep making our common goal happen, but it cannot happen without you — the artists and listeners. If you know anyone, who creates their own music, please let them know that such an opportunity awaits…

OPUS: By interviewing our artists we would like to get to know their stories. How did your journey in the music industry start?

Feelip: Well in my childhood I used to listen to music a lot. My father instilled it into me. But as a child, I used to listen to artists like Michael Jackson, Queen, or Stevie Wonder (because of my dad). Let’s stop here for a moment because MJ is a very important artist for me. He shaped me (me as an artist, now I know what I want from music and generally in life haha). I used…

The Opus Team is extremely proud to announce that the launch of the main net version of Opus has recently happened! Today we would like to introduce to you one of the milestones that contributed to it — the boundary of 450 artists who joined the platform, which was achieved at the beginning of September. It has been a big step which proves that Opus is constantly evolving and our goal to become a truly globally renowned initiative is constantly what we are aiming for.

One of our biggest achievements in the past few months is definitely the publicity that…

After months of hard work at OPUS, we are proud to share our OPUS in the form of the Official Promo Video premiering soon.

As a product of this global pandemic, lets go viral!

Head over to opus.audio to check out OPUS in its full functionality.

OPUS is now live on the Ethereum main network! After months of hard work, groundbreaking development, and constant support from our community, we have launched our platform on the mainnet.

The path to where we are now has been quite the ride, with lots of news, milestones, and growth along the way. Let’s take a brief moment to look at how we got here.

The beginnings of OPUS

In the summer of 2017, with massive support from our community, OPUS was born. With our roadmap launched and the…

OPUS : By interviewing our artists we would like to get to know their stories. How did your journey in the music industry start?

Andrei : I grew up in a musical household, my mother was a professional organist and piano teacher. I’ve played in various bands since high school and also got into producing my own electronic music under the name Bubbler. I collaborate with different singers, some in person in my studio and others around the world thanks to the Internet.

O : As you know, Opus is based on blockchain technology, which you seem to be fairly…

Recently we have conducted online interviews with our most recent artists. Thanks to that we enabled our listeners to have a better outlook on how the blockchain solution in music is perceived by the performers.

A wide cross-section of artists we have got in touch with provides us with more feedback according to what we should be aiming for in the further development of Opus.

Christian — “A Permanent Shadow” is an Eletronic Rock collective from Barcelona whose music is heavily influenced by eighties synth-pop but has its feet firmly set in the contemporary times.

OPUS : By interviewing our…

Opus Foundation

Opus is a open-source decentralized music sharing platform with demo based on Ethereum and IPFS.

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