The Opus Team is extremely proud to announce that the launch of the main net version of Opus has recently happened! Today we would like to introduce to you one of the milestones that contributed to it — the boundary of 450 artists who joined the platform, which was achieved at the beginning of September. It has been a big step which proves that Opus is constantly evolving and our goal to become a truly globally renowned initiative is constantly what we are aiming for.

One of our biggest achievements in the past few months is definitely the publicity that the platform attracted. The Opus Team is proud to call our platform a global project. We’ve spread worldwide and got our biggest groups of users and artists not only in Europe, where we’ve succeeded to grow among North and West ends, meaning we’re best known in Italy and Poland but also on the other side of The Atlantic Ocean — in the US and Canada. Individuals from countries from other sides of the world such as Taiwan and Ghana have also shown us great interest. Lately, also the Middle East, in particular Israel, joined the group of regions where Opus thrives the most.

These achievements show that we are strongly pushing forward to allow people around the globe to benefit from our platform’s advantages. Our recruitment team is working hard to ensure that each week results in the appearance of numerous new accounts. We strongly encourage all of our readers to give Opus a try and register, either as a listener or one of our artists. We are also reminding you that you should not hesitate to ask us any questions. The necessary form is available on our Telegram.

Opus is a open-source decentralized music sharing platform with demo based on Ethereum and IPFS.

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