OPUS : By interviewing our artists we would like to get to know their stories. How did your journey in the music industry start?

Andrei : I grew up in a musical household, my mother was a professional organist and piano teacher. I’ve played in various bands since high school and also got into producing my own electronic music under the name Bubbler. I collaborate with different singers, some in person in my studio and others around the world thanks to the Internet.

O : As you know, Opus is based on blockchain technology, which you seem to be fairly into. How started your connection to the decentralized music industry?

A : I’ve been interested in Blockchain technology and how it could improve things for musicians myself for a while but never came across a viable platform until I heard about Opus on social media — I have been reached by one of Opus recruiters.

O : What are the biggest advantages that the decentralized database can give their users so that you decided to join Opus?

A : Elimination of the record label and distributors as middlemen which increases the artists share of royalties for their work. Quick, easy revenue payouts and simplified revenue/rights sharing with collaborators. Immutable ownership proof.

O : What are the challenges the music industry is facing right now and how new technologies, including blockchain, can help them?

A : Piracy of music. By immutably tracking how and where a piece of music is played, an artist can receive proper compensation.

O : What is the direction music based on blockchain is in your opinion heading?

A : More integration and sharing between Blockchain-based music platforms.

O : What are your music plans for the future?

A : I intend to keep collaborating with talented singers, improving my musical and technical abilities, so that I can put out great music that people enjoy. Cheers!

Andrei Wilke

Opus is a open-source decentralized music sharing platform with demo based on Ethereum and IPFS.

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