Christian — “A Permanent Shadow”

Recently we have conducted online interviews with our most recent artists. Thanks to that we enabled our listeners to have a better outlook on how the blockchain solution in music is perceived by the performers.

A wide cross-section of artists we have got in touch with provides us with more feedback according to what we should be aiming for in the further development of Opus.

Christian — “A Permanent Shadow” is an Eletronic Rock collective from Barcelona whose music is heavily influenced by eighties synth-pop but has its feet firmly set in the contemporary times.

OPUS : By interviewing our artists we would like to get to know their stories. How did your journey in the music industry start?

Christian : I started out as a drummer many years ago until I decided that I actually wanted to be a singer. So I first put on a covers band and then started working on my own songs. In 2019 I released the debut album “Songs of Loss” which has garnered some great reviews all over the planet.

O : As you know, Opus is based on blockchain technology, which you seem to be fairly into. How started your connection to the decentralized music industry?

C : It was out of necessity more than anything else. If you want to get things done as a musician you cannot wait around for things to happen. And you have to go with the times, and blockchain is no longer the future, it is the present.

O : What are the biggest advantages that the decentralized database can give their users so that you decided to join Opus?

C : It is all about DIY these days and information is gold, so the more access you have to the right data the better you are positioned.

O : What are the challenges the music industry is facing right now and how new technologies, including blockchain, can help them?

C : The biggest challenge is that there is no money in releasing music any more, unless you generate millions of streams that allow you to monetize your music. The second biggest challenge is to stand out in the vast jungle of new artists. But you gotta keep trying.

O : What is the direction music based on blockchain is in your opinion heading?

C : I would say it is in an experimental phase where everything is possible. It will be interesting to observe future developments.

O : What are your music plans for the future?

C : I’m currently recording the second album with my usual suspects and look forward to releasing it in early 2021.

Opus is a open-source decentralized music sharing platform with demo based on Ethereum and IPFS.

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