Keep it up — a change is coming!

Once again, it turns out that the hard work of both our community and Opus Team pays off. We are more than delighted to announce that our platform has now been joined by over 900 artists and an even greater number of listeners! We are more than glad to have convinced so many individuals of different backgrounds coming and producing in all corners of the world to join the revolution. Without you, a journey towards fairer music streaming industry would have never been possible.

Seeing the results, we are constantly motivated to bring the platform to the next level and be one step closer to achieving the world of dreams — a place where artists of all genres are able to develop themselves and advance their music career in the online setting without multinational corporations limiting their potential to grow. This should have never been the case and you can rest assured that Opus Team will not yield unless a proper solution will be firmly established. Should you have any questions or feedback about the functioning of the platform or our short and long terms goals on how we want to contribute towards the transformation of the industry, please do not hesitate to contact us — whether through our social media (Facebook, Twitter) or by sending us an email to

Other than that, if you have not registered yourself yet — you can do it in a few very simple steps here: (artists) or here: (listeners).

Have a great day!