OPUS: By interviewing our artists we would like to get to know their stories. How did your journey in the music industry start?

Feelip: Well in my childhood I used to listen to music a lot. My father instilled it into me. But as a child, I used to listen to artists like Michael Jackson, Queen, or Stevie Wonder (because of my dad). Let’s stop here for a moment because MJ is a very important artist for me. He shaped me (me as an artist, now I know what I want from music and generally in life haha). I used to dance his choreographies and even performed them on the scene during some events (in school or even abroad on holidays). I haven’t performed for a long time, but recently I was doing some “check rehearsals” of my dance skills and I think that I remember most of the moves that I used to learn. Referring to hip hop, I hadn’t listened to it until I was 14–15 years old. The very first rapper I heard about in my life was Evidence from Los Angeles. I started doing my own music because I wanted to do something “mine”. You know, I was just fed up with “humming” or “singing” (for myself recreationally).

O: I have to tell you that Opus Team was very interested in which artist are you inspired by when you are creating new tracks? How it all started?

F: As I answered in the first question, a very important and also inspiring for me has been Michael Joseph Jackson who was a great performer and a wonderful human being. Also rappers like Magik (Piotr Łuszcz), and an outstanding guy from the USA — Logic (Robert Bryson Hall II) inspire me. So these artists that I mentioned above made me a more consistent and complete artist. Michael inspires me because I grew up on his music. Magik helped me in tough situations and revealed to me the beauty of rap. Logic has just incredible flow and his lyrics reach me perfectly.

O: What would you like to gain by joining Opus?

F: Of course, I would like to gain experience and learn something new. I mean that OPUS is something new for me (I haven’t heard about it before) and it’s a great opportunity to increase my knowledge about streamings.

O: Rising artists are inclined to release tracks on OPUS because it allows them to take home nearly 100% of the revenue they generate and track where their revenue is going transparently. It also allows artists to reach a new audience, and revenue streams traditionally not available through existing platforms. How would this affect you as well as your listeners?

F: I think that I would like that because it seems to be very smart and also convenient for me. Well, my listeners will be allowed to listen to my music in a comfortable way so that means they will be more willing to do it.

O: As you could see blockchain-based music opens lots of new doors that weren’t available due to cooperation with streaming giants. How do you see it developing in the future and what changes will it make in the music industry that we have now? And how do you think record labels could take advantage of blockchain-based music?

F: I think that this mechanism (blockchain-based music) is very important from the perspective of an artist. Also, artists are about to get “fair payment”. It can push the music further and ensure a better future at streaming platforms. I don’t really know about how it could work in record labels, cause I’ve never been in any, but it could be very comfortable for bigger companies to receive payments (via this mechanism). Anyway, it seems to be a good plan for artists available on streaming platforms… Skipping royalties looks encouraging because royalties are (for me) really difficult to understand.

O: What are your music plans for the future?

F: I would like to push my music further. It would be great to “come into being” on the scene. Maybe worldwide but for today I know I want to make music for people and treat them with love (by this music). And if that would happen I expect the same love in feedback as I give them. I want to play concerts, make CDs, and more! I want to come true to my artistic person, to Feelip.

Opus is a open-source decentralized music sharing platform with demo based on Ethereum and IPFS.

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