Platform features: OPUS Q&A Session 9

Thank you to everyone who sent us questions! Don’t forget to send us more on our form, Discord, Telegram, or via e-mail at for our next Q&A in two weeks’ time.

1. Will the first version of the Opus player already store all the songs on IPFS?

Yes, the first version of the player will be integrated with IPFS, which means that all the songs and images will be stored on IPFS. We will continuously test the platform, even after its release, to always keep increasing efficiency and quality, and as such we are not dismissing the possibility of securing several of our nodes if this becomes necessary.

We are operating in a revolutionary market which is still very young and developing. We are, therefore, flexible and ready to quickly adapt to changing situations so that our users will be able to listen to their favorite music as easily and comfortably as possible.

2. Are you open to the possibility of joining forces with one of the major players already on the market?

We are always open to collaborating with other companies and projects, so long as this helps us change the music industry and ensures that artists still get the fair share of the revenue they generate. Our number one priority is making lives easier for musicians and if partnering with a major player on the market will bring us closer to achieving this, we will certainly consider it.

3. Are you planning to include a music recommendation feature that will suggest tracks similar to what you usually listen to?

The short answer to this is: yes! Integrating a feature like this is quite complicated and time consuming, but we realize how important this is to many users and we are planning to include a feature like this in future versions of the app. As soon as we launch the app, we will be extensively researching how we can use artificial intelligence to incorporate this feature into the platform.

4. Opus will greatly benefit artists, but how will it be different from existing platforms for music fans?

One of our main challenges is making Opus as easy to use as some of the biggest players already on the market with the differences being felt primarily by artists.

5. What are some of the biggest challenges that Opus is facing?

Our biggest challenges include making the product for both web and mobile easy to use for artists and music fans. It is quite difficult to build such a complex platform while at the same time making sure that no one has any troubles using it.

6. How can the community help Opus today?

We greatly value our community and appreciate all the help we can get. In particular, it would be very helpful if our community could reach out to as many artists as possible and refer them to us, so that when we launch, the platform will already be filled with content ready to be listened to. At the moment, we are also looking for artists based in and around New York, but of course, we welcome musicians from all over the globe and from all genres.

Our community can also continue sending us questions and suggestions that help us make the platform better. Feedback is always important, and our community has been doing an amazing job with this, so we hope to continue receiving this support.

7. Do you have a plan regarding payout to artists and royalty distribution?

Yes, we have plans regarding royalty management which we will reveal a bit further down the line.

8. Will the wallet featured on the platform include Ethereum?

In the first version of the Opus player, the wallet will be based on Ethereum only, but we are also looking at including Bitcoin in the future.

9. Are you considering bounties for releasing exclusive content or first releases on Opus?

Thank you very much for this amazing suggestion! We will definitely look into this and considering adding a feature like this in the next versions of the player.

10. How will you go about recruiting more artists and on-boarding users onto the platform, as well as educating artists on how to effectively use the player?

We are aware of how difficult a task this will be. At the moment, we are in talks with a range of labels and artist managers regarding how we will go about recruiting more artists. We are in the process of preparing an exact and thorough strategy about how we will do this, but this will not happen overnight and might take some time. This kind of on-boarding is a continuous process which we will be doing in the long fun for months.

Andrei Popa

Blurring the lines between reality and dreams, Andrei Popa does music, film and photography. Originally from Romania, experienced in Australia, passionate for as long as can remember about all things creative, Andrei Popa manages to convey a mesh of unique worlds, moods and sensations across different mediums.

Present on the Opus platform with his musical manifestation here you can have a taster of what Andrei does in electronic music form:

We look forward to listening to his music on Opus! In the meantime, don’t forget to follow Andrei on Twitter.

More updates to come…

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