Reflections on 2021

The year 2021 has been an important milestone for blockchain and related technologies. It is an important remark given that our platform is also since the very beginning based on blockchain. With an increase of technological applicability alongside blockchain getting more and more attention in mass media and hence eventually public awareness, the Opus team hopes that what started with the growth of NFTs and considerable fluctuations on the crypto exchanges around the globe will finally also reach more stagnant areas such as health care, aviation or even to a certain extent music industries.

We continue to monitor the market and always do our best to take action accordingly. The change is definitely coming, and we are taking all the possible actions to prepare for a more disrupted global order in the field of music streaming services. The growth of popularity is considerable also on our platform — we have observed a continuous surge in the number of artists joining us every week. Such a potential cannot be lost but rather shall be preserved and used in every inch — especially in these unprecedented times. The situation on the international stage is changing all the time and we will do our best to use it to our benefit and continue building an inclusive and fair music streaming platform.

If you haven’t joined the platform already, start now by registering yourself here: (designated for artists) or here: (designated for listeners).

Have a lovely day!


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Opus is a open-source decentralized music sharing platform with demo based on Ethereum and IPFS.