Dawid Rozmus-Adach is a violinist from Lublin, Poland. He studied at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, where he currently lives and has been a part of the Synchron Stage Orchestra since July 2016 up to now.

OPUS : By interviewing our artists we would like to get to know their stories. How did your journey in the music industry start?

Dawid : One year ago I decided to sign a contract with the Infraart Creative Corporation to release my first CD album but before that, I was studying music and violin for 20 years. I first began to learn music at the age of 7 at the primary music school in Lublin and graduated from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna 2 years ago. In between, I played many concerts as an orchestra, chamber and solo musician on 3 continents.

O : As you know, Opus is based on blockchain technology, which you seem to be fairly into. How started your connection to the decentralized music industry?

D : I was reached out by an Opus recruiter — Lila when she asked me to release my CD album on the Opus streaming platform.

O : What are the biggest advantages that the decentralized database can give their users so that you decided to join Opus?

D : It is a very fresh and recent idea — the combination of music and blockchain — so, in my opinion, it is a very good opportunity for young and rising artists to grow together with Opus on equal terms, without cooperating with big music labels.

O : What are the challenges the music industry is facing right now and how new technologies, including blockchain, can help them?

D : The biggest challenge for the music industry is to get to the people who were out of reach for music until now either through the internet or other media or concerts. Another big challenge would be to support artists in producing high-quality music.

O : What are your music plans for the future?

D : In the coming months I will promote my CD release on a concert tour and participate in a Summer Masterclass in Austria.

Dawid Rozmus-Adach