Wallets on OPUS: Q&A Session 8

We’ve answered more questions this week and we’re welcoming another artist: Illuminertia! More about the project below.

Thank you to everyone who sent us questions! Don’t forget to send us more on our form, Discord, Telegram, or via e-mail at info@opus-foundation.org for our next Q&A in two weeks’ time.

1. Have you looked at options to accept credit cards and purchase OPT directly from the platform?

2. Are you considering letting OPT be staked on the platform and give the user some rights for making decisions, proportional to the number of tokens owned?

3. Will users be able to set up a wallet on the platform?

4. Does Opus plan to embrace any fan royalty distribution or crowdfunded music production for artists using the platform?

5. Are you still planning to have an offline mode, where tracks can be downloaded and listened to without an internet connection?

6. Are there plans to launch a free version of the player, where artists could offer selected tracks to get people interested in Opus?

7. Will subscriptions have limited devices per user or IP addresses to prevent abuse?

8. Existing streaming platforms generate additional revenue by selling advertisements. Will Opus sell ads in exchange for OPT?


“DJ Mantras has two distinct styles: one tribal and rooted in festival culture and healing sensibility, and another side that includes hip-hop and rap overtones. We appreciate the dichotomy of Illuminertia, as they aim to bring together 2 worlds that find ways to compliment each other. There’s an array of drumming, didgeridoo and electronic beats, an alchemy of sound that invites the listener to explore Illuminertia’s unique soundscapes.”

Illuminertia is excited to share the latest hip-hop release entitled ’Station’ with the world. It’s a revolutionary hip hop album that breaks down all previous stereotypes around what’s possible with the art form. The goal is to utilize the music to deliver vital information to the people of planet earth in a creative and inspiring way. This album reflects the power music has to motivate us to be the best version of ourselves in a world where we are experiencing both extreme breakdowns, as well as incredible breakthroughs. This is really just one component of a larger project that involves music, film, television and activism.

Illuminertia is an artist to look out for on Opus. Read more about him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and listen to his music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. You can also check out this amazing interview with DJ Mantras.

More updates to come…

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