What the giants of the music streaming services do not want you to know

What is the answer to the question in the title? It simply is how ridiculously small the revenues of most of the artists in the industry are. Our expertise based on the data accumulated over the last few years showcases that the actual revenues for most artists are pretty infinitesimal. Clearly, the $0.003–0.005 per play is not enough for most musicians to sustain themselves.

Nevertheless, fortunately, the voices of protest are getting louder. The artists are for the first time ever forming unions and voicing their opposition both on the streets and on the Internet. One of the ways of supporting them is joining Opus — a music streaming platform where the artists are paid fairly.

Opus offers over 90% of artists’ revenues to the artists, compared to 60–65% offered by the current industry leaders, like Spotify and Apple Music. Be a part of the change. Together, we can move heaven and earth — alone we can do nothing. Join Opus now and contribute to the transformation of the music industry.


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Opus Foundation

Opus is a open-source decentralized music sharing platform with demo based on Ethereum and IPFS.